Episode 88: Emo Darigan Lutari

May 04, 2022 Caroline and Hannah Season 1 Episode 88
Episode 88: Emo Darigan Lutari
Show Notes

In this episode, we catch up on the latest "beta" update, various pet days, Festival of Neggs, select editorial questions, mysterious TikToks, and more! We've also got a bunch of listener emails about Flash games, paintbrush combos, the Darigan Lutari, a great Reddit thread, and a question that takes us on multiple tangents.

Neopets Beta Release Notes
Neopian Times editorial #958
Neopian Times editorial #959
Faerie's Hope Enters Open Beta (Jellyneo)
Digital Neopets Stickers Coming to Quidd (Jellyneo)
Quidd Uses Neopets Brand to Promote Their Cryptocurrency (Jellyneo)
Adoptables combining paintbrush colors (from Jess)
Darigan Lutari designs (from Tigris)
Neopets confessions thread (from Abby)