Episode 93: IRS Agent Blumaroo

July 13, 2022 Caroline and Hannah Season 1 Episode 93
Episode 93: IRS Agent Blumaroo
Show Notes

In this episode - after talking for about 20 minutes about what we've watched recently (including Baz Luhrmann's ELVIS), we cover the latest pet days and the exciting reveal of Mirsha Grelinek's girlfriend! Then we recap the final Altador Cup results and (lightly) dig into the surrounding controversy. Plus: some tasty user paintbrush ideas, talking about Neopets with your therapist, and condiments on mac and cheese?!?

Slug Monster (Jellyneo's Book of Ages)
Neopian Times Editorial #963
Island Builders Avatar Released (Jellyneo)
Altador Cup Reddit post by u/neo_truths
Neopets NFT Drama (Herdy's petpage)
Neopets at Comic Con (Jellyneo)
Lemonade Pets (designs by user peanutbuttermilk)
Hungry! Fast Food Pets (designs by user stratus365)
Caption Contest #17 (Undersea kingdom)
Caption Contest #10 (Lupe & Techos online)
Caption Contest #26 (Chia & ghoul dancing)
Caption Contest #33 (Blumaroo & Taelia in the snow)