Episode 107: They Yassified the Lupe

May 17, 2023 Caroline and Hannah Season 1 Episode 107
Episode 107: They Yassified the Lupe
Show Notes

In this episode, we finally discuss that scholarly article about Neopets and share our latest rankings of all 55 Neopets species! We also catch up on the latest pet days and editorial, wrap up the Festival of Neggs event, and prepare for this year's Altador Cup. Plus:  a follow up on weird children's/YA horror stories, some Nintendo themed Neoboards posts, and a couple of random items!

Reddit AMA with Erinn Pascal
Neopian Times Editorial #982
An exploration of cheating in a virtual gaming world (article by Delia Dumitrica)
Google Scholar citations of the above article
"Richest Neopian" Reddit post (by u/neo_truths)
Neopets Tier Maker