Episode 78: Remember Dacardia?

November 24, 2021 Caroline and Hannah Season 1 Episode 78
Episode 78: Remember Dacardia?
Show Notes

This episode contains what is hopefully our last update on Neopets NFTs. We discuss how only about 20% of the original amount of NFTs were sold, how ugly and messed up the NFTs ended up looking, and some serious allegations from Dress to Impress. We also cover the new roadmap survey, the site's 22nd birthday, and the new plushies - including a mystery plushie that (post-recording) has been identified as a Royal Meepit (who knew)!

Herdy's petpage summarizing all the NFT drama
Jellyneo update on 11/15
Jellyneo update on 11/19
NetDragon press release
Kotaku article about Neopets NFTs
Moonrank site with the actual NFTs